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Alzheimer Society of B.C.

Loving Home Care Services is a proud supporter of the Alzheimer Society of B.C., a trusted source of up-to-date information and resources for people who are affected by dementia. The Society was formed in 1981 by a group of caregivers of people living with dementia and has since become a critical source of programs and services across the province. The Alzheimer Society of B.C. is one of 10 provincial organizations that comprise the Alzheimer Society of Canada, the leading national health organization for people affected by Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. We are proud to provide senior home and health care services for members of the society.

SafeCare BC

Loving Home Care Services is a proud supporter and member of SafeCare BC and is currently participating in the Tailored Outreach Program (TOP). Through this program, Loving Home Care Services will work closely with SafeCare BC with the objective of achieving a 10% reduction in overexertion and violence related claims throughout the province. We will work together to develop an action plan that considers our company’s needs and we will strive to reduce workplace injury rates.

With that said, Loving Home Care Services proudly holds an ‘above-excellent’ injury claim record over the 25 years of being operational in senior health and home care services.

SOS Children’s Village BC

Loving Home Care Services is a proud supporter of SOS Children’s Village BC, the largest non-governmental, non-denominational child development organization in the world. SOS Children’s Villages has existed for over 65 years with a presence in 135 countries and 572 Villages, with a seat at the UN to be the voice for the rights of children everywhere. SOS Children’s Village BC was founded in 1986 as a grassroots response to deficiencies in the provincial foster care system characterized by frequent placement breakdowns and moves for children and youth, and the separation of siblings into different homes. Even today, the state of foster care remains a “North American epidemic”.

Foster children are frequently at risk of emotional disturbances, delayed social development, and poor educational performance. Foster parents who raise these children require ongoing special resources and support. SOS Children’s Village BC enhances the development and healing of foster children by addressing their physical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs. They ensure long term stability with a strong focus on transition to adulthood programming and aging out of care.

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