Spirit of Vancouver

In October of 2016, Loving Home Care Services began renovations at its headquarters located in West Vancouver, just off of Clyde Ave adjacent to Park Royal Shopping Centre.

Rather than going the traditional route of hanging a framed painting purchased at the nearest Home Sense, Daniel Purgal – the COO – decided to take a more creative and personal route for when clients and employees sit in the front office. With a large, empty and freshly painted canvas staring right at him, the idea came to him; find an incredible mural artist in the city.

Daniel went to dig into his creative contacts and googled local artists, but no good leads were being found. When then, just as timing would have it, Daniel got a tip to look at the latest artists that just participated in the Vancouver Mural Art Festival. Bingo.

Daniel had a vision of what he wanted to portray. Knowing first hand about what home really means to him and what a beautiful city Vancouver is, Daniel knew the scene he wanted to create.

Ten personalized emails were sent to the artists Daniel hand selected from the incredible talents that participated in the mural festival; and only one, really stuck out. His name is Cody Lecoy.

Soon after the initial introduction and swapping of ideas, Cody Lecoy and his girlfriend Lenslie Vargas came to the office to view the canvas and share their initial sketch of Daniel’s vision and including their own unique vision to the overall concept. Daniel said to them, “You now have the vision, so feel free to do your magic.”

And over a 5-day span, magic happened.

View the video and you will see 1457 images over 5 days captured on a GoPro into a 1:39 video montage.

Here is what Cody Lecoy and Lenslie had to say about their involvement in the project:

Cody Lecoy, “I approached this mural with the intention of portraying embracive, nurturing, expansive energy. A continuous flow of energy, running throughout the land, water and air.”

Lenslie Vargas, “For my contribution of this mural I thought of representing the body only as a shell or an outline. I wanted to look deep into the essence of the human and attempt to represent this essence as something greater, something that showcases our deep interconnection. We are water, nature, time and the ever-expanding universe in our mind, so with this piece I’d like to invite the viewer to not be constrained by outlines, instead, to find the infinite in our ever-expanding essence.”

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