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Loving Home Care Services is a proud supporter and member of SafeCare BC and is currently participating in the Tailored Outreach Program (TOP). Through this program, Loving Home Care Services will work closely with SafeCare BC with the objective of achieving a 10% reduction in overexertion and violence related claims throughout the province. We will work together to develop an action plan that considers our company’s needs and we will strive to reduce workplace injury rates.

With that said, Loving Home Care Services proudly holds an ‘above-excellent’ injury claim record over the 25 years of being operational.

About SafeCare BC

Established in 2013, SafeCare BC is an industry funded, non-profit association working to ensure injury free, safe working conditions for continuing care workers in BC. SafeCare BC strives to be the industry leader in advancing injury prevention and safety training for long-term care and home support workers. SafeCare BC is committed to improving health and safety within the workplace and responding to the needs and priorities of its members.

SafeCare BC maintains a strong emphasis on injury prevention in the field of long term care and home care and community health support through the following methods:

  • Offering online/in-person learning for health care professionals
  • Improving health and safety protocols within the workplace
  • Providing management with training on creating and fostering an organizational culture of safety
  • Providing materials and resources to support safer workplaces.

What They Do

SafeCare BC seeks to develop the most innovative and practical training for injury prevention of long-term care and home care and community health support workers. They continuously work with industry leaders and professionals to develop and implement these solutions.

They provide their members with cost-effective training, educational services, and industry safety performance information, as well as communicate government health and safety legislation and policies which impacts its members. SafeCare BC takes a “tried and tested” approach. Based on successful models from Alberta and around BC, SafeCare BC is working toward real, effective, and practical resources for front-line staff.

Its members are experienced, knowledgeable and passionate about the continuing care sector. They continually seek active participation and involvement of all its members to ensure representation is accurate and informed. They also strive to remain the leading source for the latest, accurate information on the sector, to better support our membership.


The values of SafeCare BC define what the Association holds as important from an internal organizational perspective and from a larger industry perspective. At SafeCare BC, they value:

  • Safe work and safe work behaviors
  • Safety leadership at all levels
  • The right of workers to have safe and healthy workplaces
  • Evidence-based, practical solutions to workplace health and safety challenges
  • Integrity and accountability
  • Innovation as a tool to effect change
  • Collaboration with our members, stakeholders, and external organizations

Resources, Initiatives, & More

Safe Care BC is your connection to a variety of resources and tools helpful for health care workers. SafeCare BC strives to empower those working in the continuing care sector to create safer, healthier workplaces by fostering a culture of safety through evidence-based education, leadership, and collaboration.

Initiative Resources

Safe Handling

According to WorkSafeBC statistics, musculoskeletal injuries are the number one cause of staff injuries in BC’s continuing care sector. The economic cost of these injuries is easy to measure. It’s estimated that the cost of claims alone over the past five years is more than $85 million. The human and social cost is equally staggering. Constant pain. An inability to perform routine tasks. Time off work that can lead to depression. Unable to return to a job you loved. Forced to retrain for another career.

SafeCare BC has your back and our goal is to provide you with resources, including an online 5-Step Toolkit that will help make it easy to prevent these types of injuries.

Violence Prevention and Assessment

Acts of violence are the second leading cause of workplace injury for long-term care workers in BC, representing 2,367 cases, or 16 percent of all injuries over the past five years. In home care and community health support, it’s the sixth leading cause of workplace injury. Violence in the workplace is a complex issue requiring a multi-faceted response. By investing in violence prevention training and strategies, we can make workplaces safer for workers and improve the quality of care for residents and clients.

Take a look at SafeCare BC’s new Violence Assessment Resource Guide.

Monthly Huddle and Safety In 60 Seconds

The “Huddle” provides team leaders, OH&S committee members, and other interested staff with quick, impactful activities that can be done as group activities in 10 minutes or less.

“Safety in 60 Seconds” offers quick, bite-sized tips and tools for managers and OH&S committee members to help create safer, healthier workplaces.

BC Care Aware

Continuing care staff work in long term care and home care and support. They are passionate and hard working, yet their work can be challenging and stressful. They also have some of the highest injury rates of all workers in BC. That’s why continuing care staff need to take care of themselves, so they are able to take care of others.

Take Time… For Your Mental Health

In partnership with the Canadian Mental Health Association, SafeCare BC is pleased to bring you three webinars, each covering a different mental health theme.

Mental health has a huge impact on care staff. This is an easy opportunity to bring your teams together and strengthen your work environment.

Education & Training Providers

Below is a list of health and safety education and training providers. From in-class courses to webinars and podcasts, each offers effective health and safety education.

BCFED Health and Safety Centre

Since 2001, the BCFED Health & Safety Centre has developed leading-edge training for adults in BC. Check out their programs and courses.

BC Employer’s Advisers Office (EAO)

The Employers’ Advisers Office is a branch of the BC Ministry of Skills Development and Labour, and is independent of WorkSafeBC. Employers’ Advisers offer free educational seminars on a variety of topics including: occupational health and safety requirements, an introduction to the Workers Compensation Act, claims management, disability management, Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committees, emergency preparedness and assessments.

Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) Podcasts

CCOHS produces free monthly podcasts providing information on various health and safety subjects. Subscribe to the podcasts and listen to them at your own convenience.

Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety Webinars

CCOHS is recognized worldwide for providing programs, services, and knowledge that help organizations raise awareness, assess risks, implement prevention programs, and improve the health, safety, and well-being of workers.

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