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What Is An Astounding Client Review?

Simply put, an astounding client review is a written or spoken statement that presents our client’s first-hand account of a positive experience with our Home Support Services. Our reviews are evidence that our organization is dependable, and Our Services are worth the cost of Private Home Care Services for individuals and families that count on safe, reliable, and affordable home care services.

At Loving Home Care Services, we are extremely grateful for each and every client review received through Google, Facebook, or by E-mail. Please take a few moments to read a couple reviews – or all of the reviews – and learn what our cherished clients had to say about our premier home health care services. All client reviews are 100% unedited and authentic.

We would like to thank the company and staff of Loving Home Care Services for providing excellent and compassionate care for our Mother for seven years. We appreciated the wonderful in-home caregivers as they built relationships with us and our mother. Mom enjoyed their company, singing, watching TV with them and their good cooking. The caregivers adjusted their care to respond to Mother's needs as her health changed. They enabled Mom to live her life until the very end in her own home. We especially would like to the thank the three dedicated long-term caregivers Pacita, Remy, and Eva, we will forever remember them. We also like to thank Liliana and Olesya who were patient and helpful with us over the years.
Madeline & Margaret W.
Liliana and her team provided care for my Mother during her illness that exceeded even what we could provide as a family. With that loving care, we were able to spend quality time with my Mother at the end. Genuine quality care and compassion is not something you can simply pay someone to do. Liliana understands that with the people she chooses to work with.
Craig Wilshire
We began using Loving Home Care Services in January, 2019. My dad was in a wheelchair, and my mom had a walker and was suffering from dementia. My dad had to go into the hospital, so we began bringing in night care for mom. Loving Home Care was wonderful. The care workers were all friendly, caring, and very competent. Lilliana, the owner was always available to help us figure out scheduling. After mom broke her hip, it was not a problem to bring in more care until it became 24/7. Two of the three siblings live across the country, and it meant so much to us to know that mom and dad were being lovingly cared for. The caregivers would facetime us so we could see and talk to mom and dad. We could email and ask questions and get updates. Mom and dad and all of us became so fond of all the workers. Lilliana would change the schedule according to who was a better fit for evenings or during the day. My dad passed away late February, and with Covid 19, Lilliana made sure that not only did my mom have the same workers, but assured us of all safety protocol in place. My mom passed away April 26. Although we couldn’t hug, we shared lots of tears with the caregivers, as they became part of the family. I don’t know what we would have done without Loving Care. Thank you so much.
Laura Whittaker
From early 2014 through late 2019 Loving Home Care was instrumental in my aunt being able to live contentedly in her own home until she passed away at the age of 95. Throughout our experience, Liliana, Olesya, and the wonderful caregivers were all exceptionally understanding, capable, and responsive to our every request, and LHC always chose caregivers who were well-suited to my aunt's personality and needs. One thing we most appreciated with LHC was the consistency of her having the same caregivers over long periods of time, always the same lovely, caring, dependable, women who became like family to her. On the rare occasions when a substitute was needed, LHC always allowed extra time for them to be introduced and trained ahead of time. This respect for my aunt and her situation was greatly appreciated. We were always very pleased with the service we received from Loving Home Care, and highly recommend them to you!
Robin Maier
I used Loving Home care services for my mother while she waited for a space in a care home. I would highly recommend Loving Home care for their kind and caring employees. My mom really enjoyed all of the staff! I was very happy with this organization in every way!! Thank you!
Gail Illingworth
After a referral from a close friend, Loving Home Care Services have provided excellent day care services to my parents for the past two years. Recently, my parents required additional care. After discussing our options with Loving Home Care Services we decided that full-time live-in caregiver was appropriate. Both of my parents were skeptical about having "a stranger" in their home full-time. Loving Home Care services took my parents concerns seriously and were able to place a "perfect fit" live-in caregiver within a week. Thank you Loving Home Care Services for providing my family with the peace of mind knowing that our elderly parents are happy and being well cared for in their own home. I would highly recommend your services.
Jackie Yeomans
We needed some assistance to care for our mother, initially on a temporary basis and then more regularly. We were very satisfied with the kind and competent caregivers that worked with us. LHCS staff were very responsive to our changing needs, which was a huge relief in stressful times. Thank you so much!
Dorothy Hamilton
We used Loving Home Care for in home care for my mother for several years to allow her to stay safely and comfortably in her beloved apartment until her recent passing. Over the years the care needs increased from a few hours to live-in and LHCS met all our needs, found skilled replacements when needed and were flexible to our schedule needs. The caregivers also provided caring companionship which meant so much to my mother, and made her last years much more enjoyable and worry free.
Bill Purcell
After my wife was hospitalized, we needed in-home care. I contacted Loving Home Care Services and they were very responsive -- came to visit right away, listened well, understood our needs, and provided excellent and experienced caregivers. When special situations arose, outside of the regular schedule, they went the extra mile to arrange caregivers at just the times and ways that extra help was needed. I always felt that they really cared about what was happening to us, and I am very grateful for their invaluable help. Highly recommended.
Bob Paul
Loving Home Care took excellent care of my uncle during his last months. Liliana was wonderfully responsive to us as his needs changed.The caregivers were kind, supportive and always professional. I would highly recommend Loving Home Care Services.
Carolyn Hunter
Loving Home Care took care of me post-hip surgery. Both care-givers were excellent, professional, and above all, caring.
Anne M. Ferguson
My wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer two and a half years ago and after some initial success with medication she began to regress to the point where our family saw no choice but to place her in a full time care facility. After canvassing nursing homes in our area, we realized that our loved one would not be happy to be out of her familiar home environment and instead we sought a way to keep her at home. From the beginning our experience with Loving Home Care Services reflected their high degree of professionalism, but more importantly, their thoughtfulness and empathy toward their client. LHCS provided part- time, in-home help over a one and a half year period which enabled me to continue with my job and for my wife to remain in the comfort of our own home. It must also be said that this very positive service was provided at a fraction of the cost of a nursing home. Eventually, my dear wife succumbed to her cancer, but during her ordeal, she remained happy, contented and positive about the way she was being able to enjoy the last phase of her life. In fact, despite her disease, her quality of life continued to be excellent, due in no small part to the assistance and opportunity provided by Loving Home Care Services.
Jerry Kaehne
Together with Loving Home Care Services I was able to provide for my mother's expert healthcare and keep her comfortable and safe in her own home for 7.5 years. Our primary caregiver and secondary support staff over the years have all been wonderful. I never worried about not having coverage for my mother's need to be supported at all times. The caregivers' commitment and that of LHCS's staff and owners were my team to give my mom 100% ability to be herself, be in her own home among her personal possessions and be cared for 24/7 with dignity and respect. I have recommended LHCS to several friends as we all enter and complete the journey through our parents aging years. I thank everyone at LHCS for their commitment and unwavering support over these most treasured years.
Kelly M.
Loving Home Care has been providing us with excellent home support workers (both hourly and occasional live-in) since 2002. Liliana (the owner) has always been responsive to our needs, making support adjustments when required / requested and has always "been there" for us. Liliana's / Loving Home Care's support and assistance over the years has been greatly appreciated.
Philip D. Seligman
It is my pleasure to give testimonials for both Cherry and Nesa. Marissa was also excellent. Of course Asha took exceptional care of my Dad under difficult circumstances. Also though less frequent, Bell also did an outstanding job. I reflect on all four of these wonderful caregivers, I am impressed with each person's devotion to my Dad, genuinely caring attitude, sunny personality, and strong sense of responsibility. We are so very grateful to all these people for the help and care they provided to my Dad during is long illness. Many thanks to you too, for your support over the many years that Loving Care provided help. Wishing you and your family peace and joy during this special season.
The Nesbit Family
My brother, Hugh, and I wish to thank you for your wonderful service and care these past four and a half years. Mom would not have been able to stay in her home, as she wished, without your help and the help of the many caregivers. In particular, Marissa, took care of mom with courtesy and humour. It was wonderful. And Roselyn gave us joy every weekend. Often there were emergency situations. Always you supplied wonderful substitutes. I am very grateful. I wish everyone at Loving Home Care Services the very best in the new year. Sincerely.
Christine Sanderson
We are writing to express our family's deepest gratitude for Lilliana and her team at Loving Home Care Services. We had the fortunate privilege of using their services our family member who required 24 hour live-in home care for the last few years and can not even begin to tell how wonderful they have been. The caregivers have been such wonderful, caring people who really have treated our Mother/Grandmother as one of their own loved ones. So very kind, patient and compassionate and we always were confident that she was safe and being cared for in a loving, compassionate way. ​ It's tough to leave the care of a loved one in the hands of another so to have such caring, trusting people who care so much is so comforting and alleviates much of the stress that comes along with having to rely other people. The caregivers became an extension of our family and treated us as one of theirs. ​ Lilliana has been a godsend, and it is VERY clear that she cares deeply for all her clients. She always did her best for us and we truly appreciate her. We would not hesitate to enlist her and her team should we ever need again, but also would highly recommend them to anyone. We couldn't have done it without her. ​ Thank you Lilliana, and thank you to all the wonderful people from Loving Home Care Services that have been a part of our lives over the last several years!!!! With many thanks.
The Gatrueau Family
Loving Home Care provided full time care for my father for a period of seven months prior to his death. I found the administration of the company to be efficient, and most importantly very sensitive and responsive to our needs and situation. Liliana returned calls promptly and dealt with issues in a timely manner. The care workers provided were excellent, and I believe they acted in the best interest of my father at all times. The primary caregiver was amazing, and quickly was integrated into our family. Based on my experience with the company, I would highly recommend Loving Home Care.
Nadia Moore
Victorina took wonderful care of our mother whose progressive dementia made daily living in her home increasingly challenging. A great caregiver and companion, Victorina provided a level of home support that enabled Mom to live in her own home safely. We highly recommend LHCS.
The Wright Family
Loving Home Care, headed up by Liliana Purgal provided caring and highly professional support for my late mother over a period of several years. Liliana worked hard to maintain regularly scheduled and highly trained, compassionate caregivers so we could experience consistency in my mother’s care. This was extremely important in my mother’s case, a Complex care situation; however Liliana met the challenge where other agencies did not. Our primary caregiver, Dayrest Rabina was quite exceptional in terms of both her clinical proficiency and approach to overall holistic care. Her sunny personality and capabilities brought much joy and comfort to my mother in her final years. We appreciate all that was done and strongly recommend Loving Home Care to others.
Jane Timmis
I feel very fortunate to have been referred to Lilianna five years ago when I began to need help for elderly relatives living in their own homes. My parents had been very independent and resistance to any help, but Lilianna matched them with a compatible caregiver and we were all very relieved. She helped through the last years of their lives in ways that gave us all peace of mind, and she developed a loving relationship with each of them. When it came time for my uncle to need support through his journey with Alzheimer's, again Lilianna made very good matches, both with part time companions, later live in caregivers and finally with support within his care home. This was a tremendous relief for me, as he was lovingly cared for throughout his illness. Loving Home care was especially good at dealing with emergencies especially if I was out of town. I could take breaks from caregiving knowing that I had backup from the agency.
Trish Vickery
Through the years you have known our family, the girls have become part of Dad's and then Mum's life. Especially since John died, Melanie and Shangrila have provided wonderful care and companionship, through some of Mum's darkest hours. Becky and I would often arrive to find Mum deep in affectionate conversation with them. After greeting us, they would tactfully leave. As her eyesight disappeared, they respected Mum's fierce need for privacy and independence. Here's a funny example which says it all. Mum was determined to use her walker without assistance. She told the girls she did not want or need their help. Inevitably, she would head for a piece of furniture or the fireplace. The girls would watch and gently take the support and steer her to the right place. One day, Mum announced she was taking the walker back to the sore. It was defective! It was taking her in directions she didn't want to go. She said it was like a shopping cart with a wonky wheel. That's how skilled they were. ​ Thank you Liliana, for helping to make Mum's final months as good as they could be.
At 100 years of age my Mother requires constant quality care which is attentive, friendly, observant and professional. Loving Home Care Services has provided this care faithfully for over three years on a 24 hour service. As my Mother's health has physically declined she has required an increasing level of care, today requiring assistance in all aspects of her daily routine. ​ In addition, the caregivers capably manage the household allowing my Mother to continue to live in her home of over sixty years. Two caregivers, one for weekdays, another for weekends have provided this care with patience and gentle humor. Their help has been continuous and invaluable. ​ As well Loving Home Care has provided excellent substitute caregivers during holiday times, leaving us worry free. We sincerely recommend their excellent service.
Jeanie Sanderson
Loving Home Care has been providing us with home support as needed since 2002, and on a permanent basis (for my wife, with advanced MS and other health issues) since 2008. The level of service and care has been excellent, and we truly appreciate Liliana (the owner) and her team for their fantastic support and assistance over the years.
Philip S.
I have had Loving Home Care Services for my mother's care going on 5 years now. When I first saw that my mother was starting to show signs of dementia I had to make a decision about her care. I wanted to keep her in her home and the only way I could do this was to have live-in caregivers . Liliana came to the house to assess moms needs and then introduced us to someone she felt would be compatible with my mom. We have had great success with the help and mom likes them all! The caregivers have always been attentive, had fun with mom, caring, knowledgeable about her changing health situations, responsible, good cooks which have been very helpful to me! ​ I feel at ease and know that my mom is in great hands with Loving Home Care Services. ​ Another important relief for me is that if one of the caregivers is ill or has an appointment, LHCS sends in an amazing temp. They keep daily records so that when a temp does come in, they can learn what needs to be done.
Pauline Back
Loving Home Care is truly an exceptional company who worked extremely hard to meet the needs of our family. At age 86, Mum's vascular dementia and failing health required several years of part-time and full-time care. We truly appreciated the ability of Loving Home Care to ensure we had continuity in care-giving making it so much easier for Mum to cope with her changing life. Her caregivers were attentive, personable and so helpful to the family. When family wasn't able to be with Mum, the caregivers provided her with companionship, helping Mum relive her wonderful life. As we had never worked with caregivers before, their advice and experience was invaluable. We were particularly appreciative of their professionalism and support during last few days before Mum passed away. ​ More recently my brother had cervical spine surgery that left his right side weak and requiring rehabilitation. We knew he would need caregivers when he returned home, so we immediately contacted Loving Home Care for assistance. As my brother has cerebral palsy, it was really important for him to have continuity in his caregivers. Thanks to Liliana's experience and outstanding ability to perfectly match caregivers for my brother, we now have the support of two individuals who are playing a critical role in helping my brother get stronger every day.We are sincerely grateful to Loving Home Care for their support and assistance.
Susan Borthwick
Thank you very much for teaming us with very suitable people over the past couple of years. I would not hesitate to recommend your company to friends who may need your service in the future.
Irene Catz
My mother is still under the care of LHC while she is in the deep stage of dementia. I am so very thankful to Liliana and her team for making my moms life comfortable and safe
Anne White
We wish to thank you for the wonderful care of our mother, Eva, received through your service. Your caregivers were kind and gentle and treated Mom with respect, love and humour. They accommodated our family in all our ups and downs and were helpful in every way possible. Mom's home was well maintained and her care extremely well organized. We are fortunate that we were able to provide this for Mom.
Dorte Froslev
We were so fortunate to have such wonderful caregivers look after our mother for almost 4 years. Without exception all the women treated Mum with respect and love. They were kind and gentle and as Mum's health challenges increased they ensured she was safe and comfortable. They allowed Mum to remain in her own home to the end and for that our family is grateful. ​ We would like to thank Lilianna Purgal for the consideration and responsiveness to all our requests, sometimes on very short notice. We have and will continue to recommend Loving Home Care Services.
Merler Family
We have used the services of Loving Home Care for two years now and have been very satisfied. The care-givers are very friendly and personable and are trained to look after unusual situations . If any problem arises we have found Loving Home Care has looked after our requests and requirements promptly. We certainly will keep this service as long as our patient keeps well enough to remain in her home.
Sharon Parton
Our Mother has received great care from the workers with Loving Home Care Services over the past three years, ensuring her safety, health, comfort, and companionship. Liliana Purgal , owner of the Service, has been responsive to our requests and considerate of her staff and clients. We would recommend LHCS to care for your loved one.
Barry Wright
The live-in care provided by Loving Home Care allowed my parents to remain in their home as their health failed. The cheerful and competent ladies assigned to assist them made all the difference as we all tried to cope with the new and ever changing challenges. As my parent’s needs evolved, so did the care that was provided. I know that they had the best care possible and for that I am very grateful.
Buffie Moir
Loving Home Care was employed by my Father and us (his family) for just over one year (April 2013 - May 2014). Liliana, the principal of the agency, met with us upon my Father's return from the hospital, and after assessing his/our needs, she successfully placed excellent care-givers for the services he/we required. Loving Home Care proved to be an immense asset in caring for my Father. Through Loving Home Care's services and mainly their care givers, they provided both my Father and all of us, his family members, great peace of mind. Without a doubt, this was a very challenging period for all of us, and it is hard to imagine how we would have been able to cope without having contracted Loving Home Care as my Father's main care-provider. I would strongly recommend Loving Home Care for any future client.
R. Hira
I wish to express my gratitude for the excellent care that you and your staff, without exception, provided Mr. Middleton from late November 2008 until his death February 14th, three months short of his 106th Birthday. ​ Mr. Middleton suffered from Dementia ranging from early stage to moderately severe during the aforementioned period. Loving Home Care and staff coped splendidly with that (along with a few other health issues that required hospital care) 24 hours a day. In addition, the caregivers performed normal household duties such as cooking, cleaning, laundry and grocery shopping. They also drove him to his doctor, dentist, barber and exercised the dog. ​ The personal care provided by the caregiver staff was very good indeed. The caregivers were unfailingly prompt, diligent, alert, cheerful, considerate. I feel confident that the care that Loving Home Care Services provided Mr. Middleton contributed substantially to extending Mr. Middleton's life span for several years. I highly recommend the company to anyone in need of service.
Clare H. Comins
My mother used the services of Loving Home Care Services (LHCS) for several years for both ongoing and emergency care. Priscilla, Fe and Celine provided wonderful care and companionship. My mother looked forward to their arrival every day and it provided our family with piece of mind that she was in good hands. I was always impressed that LCHS was able to find someone on short notice to provide assistance during a health emergency, usually on a weekend or holiday. I am not sure how I would have coped without the services of LCHS. I highly recommend them.
M. Good
For approximately 6 years, Loving Home Care provided both my mother and my father with a wonderful, safe, accommodating, reliable and personal level of home care. Its owner, Liliana Purgal, is very easy to work with and can be counted on in any emergency. When needed in a tight situation she was able to provide emergency care within the hour. As I live out of town, this meant the world to me and greatly relieved the stress I and my parents were feeling until I could get there. Liliana was very pleasant and understanding and always willing to help and accommodate every need. My mother passed away 4 years ago so it was just my father that required care and help in order to stay in his own home. Right up until his death in February, 2014, he had great respect and admiration for Liliana and "her girls". I cannot thank her and her staff enough for the outstanding care they provided. I would very highly recommend Loving Home Care to anyone who requires a superior level of in-home care.
Ann O'Donnell

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