What Does Home Mean To You?

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Home is where the story begins…

November 20th, 2017

Dear World,


My name is Daniel Purgal and I am the co-owner and COO of Loving Home Care Services and I hope you enjoyed the video you just watched.

And if you haven’t yet, please stop reading NOW and take a look!

And if you have, okay, let’s continue…

Now, whether you enjoyed the video or not, that is completely your decision and I invite you to have your opinion on it. But what I do hope that it did, is leave at least one important message behind that you can take home with you after you leave this website.

So here we go…

I do hope that you have thought about the people in your life who have raised you or even just helped to raise you.

I hope that after you watched this video you would understand that in a home, there is an infinite amount of possibilities inside of it that exists; from the day you were born.

From that day on, anything can happen in that home or to anyone living inside that home.

I hope that after you watched this video that maybe somewhere along the lines of watching the video… you thought about other peoples… homes.

And then maybe, you started to think about the people who have lost their… homes.

The world we live in right now is, well, very unpredictable. Natural disasters are happening at one of the highest rates the world has ever seen, politics is tearing the world and nations apart and millions and millions of people and families have lost just that… their home.

Their safety. Their comfort. Their warmth and most importantly, their shelter.

For those lucky ones that survived, many of them had no home to return to.

And those that still had their homes standing… you know how grateful they must have been to see it standing. To some, even the smallest of houses is still a home.

So, what is the point of all this you may be asking?

Well, my point is that I want to tell you that I have had my own personal experience of losing my home with my family, a few times over as a child.

Maybe to better tell you the story, please visit the Our Story section here;

I first-hand understand and know very well the feeling of losing your home and then having to find a new home. A new beginning. A new chapter. A new life.

Whatever you may want to call it yourself.

I know we all have a story to share.

I know we all have lost our homes… at least once in our lives.

And I know that almost all of us can agree… that there is no place like it.

With the help of an incredible person and entrepreneur and a personal friend that stems from as early as kindergarten, I want to thank Michael Graziano, the founder and visionary behind Global Degree, and his team for the incredible production in this one-of-a-kind video.

The intent in creating this video is to be first agency of its kind to start engaging in conversation and build a bridge with the new voices of today’s generation y, millennial and to those of the echoing voices of our aging families and ancestors.

It is cliché but maybe the sooner we can all realize that we are all in this together is the day we can begin to understand life and the course that it really takes.

But there is always one thing that we will all have in common…

And that is we all want to feel safe and comfortable in our homes.

Our shelter.

Our love.

‘Where we love is home – home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.’ ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes

With Love & Gratitude,
Daniel Purgal
Chief Operating Officer
Loving Home Care Services Ltd.

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